Real Estate Billing Management (Post Sales) Software

4th Quarter Technology's Lead Management software for Villas, Hirise Apartments and Plot Layout Projects is an advanced, user friendly and easily customizable software with state of the art functionalities and comprehensive set of features listed below:

  • Manage Villas, Hirise Apartments and Plot Layout Projects
  • Check up-to-date Property Inventory status from anywhere and avoid double bookins
  • Handles Everything from Customer Application through Possession
  • Manage Customer Bookings, Applications, Payments, Receipts, Allotments, Registrations, Transfers, Surrenders, Cancellations
  • Automate Service Tax, VAT, Interest Calculations
  • Timely Generate and Send Demand Notices and Payment Reminders
  • Generate Welcome Letter, Payment Receipts, Sale Agreements, Construction Agreements, Bank Tri-Partite Agreements, Sale Deed, NOC etc.
  • Complete and Easy Broker Management
  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly and Till Date Bookings and Collection Reports
  • Integrate and Send Email and SMS Messages
  • Integrate with Tally for Accounting Purposes
  • Comprehensive MIS Reports and Dashboard

4th Quarter Technology has been serving the Real Estate industry for many years. Our large amount of experience in working with the Real Estate industry and continuous development of our Real Estate Manager ERP software system has resulted in a solution that our customers love because they get to use a system that is mature, stable, full of needed functionalities and comprehensive set of features and most importantly it is easy to use.

In fact, we are the leader and No. 1 provider of Real Estate Management software solutions in the industry with over 100 Real Estate companies working with us and using our solution.

Our Real Estate Manager Software Solution makes great business sense and here is why:

Why Use Our Real Estate Management ERP Solution
Improved Customer Satisfaction Shortened Sales Cycle
Increased Employee Productivity Improved Project Manageability
Increased Profit Quick Return On Investment (ROI)
Reduced Cost of Doing Business Lower Cost of Ownership (TCO)

We have many of the largest Developers in the country as well as the smaller ones working with us to manage their residential and commercial Real Estate development projects through the complete sales cycle starting from the development phase to the post possession phase:

Complete Range of Features and Functionalities
Pre Sales Management Post Sales Management Customer Service
Construction Management Billing Customer Complains Mgmt
Inventory Management Collection Customer Portal
Broker Management Recovery Marketing Management
Customer Enquiry Mgmt Advertising Management Project Management

There is a clear advantage in using our Real Estate Management Software solution. The reason we have a very large set of companies using our Real Estate Manager Software Solution is because it is:

Most Comprehensive Solution
Features & Functions User Interface Mature System
Complete Functionality Set Easy To Use Stable
Advance Features User Friendly Secure

When you work with, you have the freedom to focus on your core business while a dedicated team of qualified experts is committed to deliver a turn-key solution taking on all and every aspect of your Real Estate Management needs such as:

Our Total Services Lifecycle
Pre Start Services Post Start Services Post Finish Services
Initial Consulting System Setup Ongoing Maintenance
Staff Training Project Data Entry Your future Needs